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August 2015 update

Flintshire County Council now have a list of all the Candidate Sites on their web page.  These can be accessed by putting the following address in your internet search engine: and selecting Northop Hall.

The Candidate Sites for development  have been nominated by various individuals, including the Community Council.  They are now subject to a process of detailed assessment and review to determine their suitability for development.  Once the final sites have been decided the public will be invited to comment upon them and the Community Council would encourage residents to contribute to that process.
A copy of a map showing the Candidate Sites in Northop Hall is attached
What is the Local Development Plan?

The Local Development Plan (LDP) will focus on delivering sustainable development in the County for a 15 year period from 2015 to 2030 and replaces the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) which ran from 2000 to 2015. The LDP will include:

  •  policies which will guide decisions on planning applications
  •  proposals for the development of housing, retail, employment and other land uses
  •  policies which seek the protection and enhancement of the natural and built environment

There is much more focus on community engagement with the new LDP process and residents/groups/organisations are encouraged to put forward candidate sites for development OR protection which will help the Planning Authority identify land for development and similarly identify those areas which residents want protecting.  Deadline for candidate site submission was 30th May 2014.  The Community Council met on 20th May 2014 to discuss and put forward sites for development and protection: Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting on 20th May 2014 to discuss candidate sites for development and protection- Candidate Site for Protection – Green Barrier Land – Gen4

– Candidate Site for Protection – Open Space L3(137)

– Land for candidate Site for development – triangle of land between A55 & Chester Road (Appendix A) Previous UDP Objection/Omission Site Plan re-drawn

–   (Appendix B) Previous UDP Objection/Omission Site Plan

– (Appendix B)