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A warm welcome to the website of Northop Hall Community Council.  We hope you enjoy looking around and finding out what is happening in the local community.  We also welcome feedback.

There will be an ordinary meeting of Northop Hall Community Council on Tuesday 11 April 2017 at 7.00pm in the Community Pavilion, Northop Hall.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Members Code of Conduct – Declarations of Interest  Members are reminded of their responsibility to declare any personal interest or personal and prejudicial interest which they have in any item of business on the agenda no later than when that item is reached.
  3. Ten minute public participation session in accordance with Standing Orders  Participation is limited to the public participation period and questions or comments relating to any item on the agenda must be made during this session.
  4. Visitor – Update from PCSO Amy Hughes, North Wales Police  The new PCSO for Northop Hall will be in attendance to update members about reported incidents in the village and answer any questions.
  5. Visitor – John Wilson, Anwyl Homes  To be confirmed.
  6. Minutes – to approve the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of 14 March 2017 and confirm they are a correct record and therefore in accordance with Standing Orders by being signed by the Chairman (copies attached).
  7. Matters arising – to follow up on matters relating to the previous meeting  Members are reminded that the Clerk should receive notification of matters to be raised on the previous meetings minutes no later than Sunday 9 April 2017.
  8. Grants Sub Committee – verbal update  The Clerk and the Grants Sub Committee will provide members with a verbal report on the Cenotaph refurbishment and the researching of the soldiers from the village.
  9. Risk assessment update  Members will consider if items need to be revised.
  10. Clerks report and consideration of action log  The Clerk will highlight any matters for member attention.  Progress with the action log will be formally considered.
  11. Budget report 2016/17  The Clerk will present the final budget report for 2016/17 showing the outturn position.
  12. Funding applications  The Clerk will present the application for funding. 
  13. Defibrillator for the village  Members will discuss residents’ interest in such an item for the village following the recent presentation by the First Responder.
  14. Dog fouling and litter  Members will highlight current problems in the village and discuss the action needed. 
  15. Model habitual or vexatious complainant’s policy  Consideration of the One Voice Wales model policy on Vexatious Complaints and Requests.
  16. ICO registration  The Clerk will advise members about the ICO registration requirements.
  17. CCTV  Members will discuss the CCTV upgrade at the Pavilion and any implications for the ICO registration.
  18. Community Transport  Members will discuss resident’s feedback on the preferred option.
  19. Correspondence received – schedule listing correspondence received and circulated with the agenda papers.  Specific consideration needed on letter from the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.
  20. Planning matters
  21. Highway matters
  22. Street lighting matters  The Clerk will update members about the lights upgraded and the transfer to Flintshire County Council.
  23. Report from any meetings or training attended by members
  24. Items relating to footpaths & stiles
  25. Accounts for payment  A list of payments due will be presented at meeting and will include payment of the Clerk’s salary and reclaim of any administrative expenses and the 2017/18 financial contribution to the Pavilion. 
  26. Duration of meeting


The audit of the Community Council’s  accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016 was completed on 5 September 2016.  The accounts are now available for inspection by local electors in accordance with Section 29 of the Public     Audit (Wales) Act 2004.  The arrangements for doing this are attached:

The audit of the Community Council accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016 will take place from 11 July 2016.  The financial records can be inspected between the period of 13 June to 8 July by prior arrangement with the Clerk.   The notice of audit is attached:

The audited accounts can be seen at:


Issue 2 of ‘Northop Hall News was circulated to all houses in the village in April 2016.  An electronic copy is at the link:

Issue 1 of ‘Northop Hall News’ was circulated to all houses in the village in June 2015.  An electronic copy is at the link:

A copy of the newsletter sent out in October 2014 is at the following link:

(Please note that the map on page 2 of the newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the following link)