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On the run Hunted by the man she once gave her heart to.Outlawed noblewoman Jaidas been everything from a high speed courier on Arcalis Prime to a waitress in the cloud cafs on Selenis Different careers, different names, different identities When a cover got easyso easy she started to believe it herselfshe knew shed been in the same place too long and it was time to move on Before she got comfortable and started to make mistakes Mistakes would allow Imperial Prince Seth to find her, and if that happened, people would dieBut after five years, Seth has found her, and she can no longer outrun her destiny shell be the princes courtesan, but hell never own her heartHe wanted the one woman he couldnt haveFive years ago he thought hed found his princess, the woman he wanted to be his bride and rule alongside him But instead of accepting his betrothal bracelet, she refused him and ran Unable to let the insult lie, hes chased her ever since Now he finally has her, captured while working on the docks and he can finally get his revenge on the woman who spurned him The woman he cant get out of his head Hell make her his courtesan and get her out of his system for goodBut all is not as it seems, and the truth he thought he knew turns out to be a lie When Jaidas life is threatened by a hidden enemy, can Seth see through the lies in time to save her or will he lose everything to deceit Please note This title has previously been released with another publisher and has not been revised or altered significantly....

Title : Pursued by the Imperial Prince (Imperial Princes Book 1) (English Edition)
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Pursued by the Imperial Prince (Imperial Princes Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Kindle-Kunde
    2019-05-22 10:31

    I was reading the ebook in a sepia setting, so the formatting mistakes were kind of obvious for me. On some pages it looked like the text was highlighted in white. After a few of these pages, the last highlighted sentence was repeated without a highlight. Some sentences were not completely finished.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-29 14:43

    I really didn't this one. The H was a total a$$, and the h still loved him anyway (gag -- can we get an h with the ability to stand up to a jerk's seduction, please?) She ran from him for years, then he tries to force her to join his harem, but she fell for his seduction anyway? Good grief, even if she had loved him at one time, no woman with a brain would still love a man who would do that to her. But as soon as he apologized, she forgave him. Romances that portray women as such dimwits make me angry.

  • Murdoc829
    2019-05-13 14:31

    SPOILERS BELOWThe writing's competent, but the plot is toxic. The female protagonist isn't terrible, but the plot requires her to desperately lust after and love a man who exiled her then stalked her across the galaxy for five years before capturing, enslaving, and assaulting her, all for the temerity of (apparently) rejecting him when she was 18. That's awful enough, but the author throws in some good old-fashioned slut shaming (see, the Prince himself is all that is wonderful and majestic, but the women in his harem -- HIS harem, with whom HE has sex -- are all empty-headed bimbos, nothing like our brave and resourceful protagonist who would never have sex without love). Throw in some gay panic just for funsies (the villain turns out to be a love-crazed man obsessed with the prince), and you've got everything I hate about this genre all in one book. The author is capable of better, but I guess why not stick with the lowest common denominator if it works.

  • Phyll W
    2019-05-13 10:43

    Pursued by the Imperial Prince is the first book in the Imperial Princes series by Mina Carter & if this is an example of this new series, then bring it on. I can hardly wait for the next one.Jaida has been on the run from Warrior Prince Seth for 5 years but he's finally caught up to her. She ran from him because of a lie. He declared her an outlaw & proceeded to hunt her down. Now that he's found her, he realizes she's not the innocent, refined young lady she once was. Her years as a fugitive have changed her, made her tougher, resourceful, more self reliant & with a stubborn streak a mile wide. Can he accept the strong woman she's become? And will they be able to pierce through the lies & find each other again?This book has a strong story line that picked me up & swept me along with it. I could hardly put it down & couldn't wait to see what would happen next. The characters are strong, believable & likable & the plot was new to me at least, & very refreshing. This is a great book to shut out the world & escape into for an evening.

  • Kim
    2019-05-02 18:55

    Woosh.. I could barely hold my breath or stop reading! The tension and action between Seth and Jaida was unbelievable. Such a misunderstanding and a betrayal that left both of them bereft of each other for years. Jaida was such a scrappy survivor. Her independence and strength were incredible. Seth had a tremendous heart behind his demanding warrior persona. You just know that there is going to be passion ready to go up in flames. This is a book that you will want to find time to read entirely in one sitting – or sneak in reading in order to finish

  • Jannie
    2019-04-29 15:31

    I must say, what Prince Sethan does after Jaida runs away, seemed an outrageous reaction. It soon becomes clear that there was some sort of miscommunication. She leads him on a merry (but not always fun) chase across the solar system. She becomes quite a strong, self-sufficient young woman - not simply a spoiled Royal. Read and enjoy this excellent adventure as these two sort out their 'issues.' A quick read, but never a disappointment!