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Estar tumbado no era para Oblmov una necesidad como lo es para el enfermo o para el que tiene sueo, ni una casualidad como para el que est cansado, ni siquiera un placer como para el perezoso era un estado normal Sin moverse de su divn, enfundado en un rado batn asitico, el hroe de esa novela es la personificacin perfecta de la indo lencia y la inactividad Heredero terrateniente, eterno ausente de una hacienda fraudulentamente administrada, con una malograda carrera en el funcionamiento y en un re traimiento temprano de la vida social, Oblmov conocer de pronto, al cabo de los aos y a instancias de su gran amigo, el emprendedor Shtolz, un extrao renacer, una misteriosa sacudida que por un momento le har creer en la posibilidad de otra clase de vida, en la que asoman insospechadamente la confianza y el amor.Oblmov 1859 de Ivn A Goncharov es una de las obras centrales de la literatura rusa, una de las mximas ilustraciones del tipo del hombre superfluo que tanto preocup, asimismo, a Pushkin o a Turguniev Dilogos y gestos puros, una perfecta organizacin dramtica, un humor sostenido y elocuente y una narracin distanciada y comprensiva a la vez son algunas de las claves de esta magnfica novela en la que todo despide vida y claridad....

Title : Oblómov
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Format Type : Paperback
Language : Spanisch
Publisher : Alba Editorial Auflage 1 2 November 2016
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Oblómov Reviews

  • Thomas
    2019-05-22 18:31

    In diesem Buch werden zwei gegensätzliche Charaktere dargestellt: Oblomow und Scholz. Oblomow ist ein fauler, sentimentaler, phlegmatischer, naiver aber sehr liebeswerter und gutmutiger 30-jähirger Mann. Scholz ist fleißig, strebenswert, praktisch, geschäftsorientiert. Diese Eigenschaften erbte er von seinem deutschen Vater.Scholz und Olga schafften nur kurzfristig, die Hauptfigur Oblomow zum Leben zu erwecken: früh aufstehen, sich gut anziehen, Bücher lesen, spazieren gehen. Seine Freunde mussten mit Schrecken feststellen, dass es unmöglich ist, ihn irgendwie zu ändern. Andererseits fand ich mutig, dass er sein Leben so gemütlich laufen ließ: er verbrachte den ganzen Tag mit Essen und Schlafen und er war damit zufrieden! Er hatte zwar Absichten, irgendetwas zu verändern, hat aber seine Pläne immer verschoben.Ich war von Oblomows Liebenswürdigkeit und Gutmutigkeit sehr gerührt, als ich von der Treue von seinem Diener und Liebe seiner späteren Frau erfuhr. Dadurch fand ich den faulen Oblomow sympathischer als Scholz.Obwohl der Inhalt von dieser Geschichte ernst und dramatisch erscheinen mag, ist sie in einer witzigen Art geschrieben.Das Ende ist traurig wie bei vielen russischen Büchern.

  • None
    2019-05-24 17:36

    While on the whole a thoughtful work, I found that "Oblomov" was not quite what I had expected. Rather than the "powerful condemnation of serfdom" the back cover promises, I found the book to be more of a romance than anything. There are also obvious social differences between contemporary society and Czarist Russia which create impediments to our understanding and appreciation for the institution of serfdom which Goncharov, we are assured, criticizes. If nothing else, it was sometimes amusing to observe rather quaint 19th Century courtship rituals :) As for the characters, none of them create a strong feeling of commonality or identity with me, yet Goncharov subtly reveals facets of us through the characters from time to time (as ANY procrastinator is bound to discover). Goncharov wants to show us exactly and in great detail all of the intricacies of the progression of the characters' thoughts and realizations, but often this causes the novel to drag.One final note - Magarshack's translation of this work was done in 1954, making the work feel all the more archaic for it. In sum, it wasn't half-bad; just have a better idea of what you're in for than I had.

  • None
    2019-05-03 18:58

    What a fascinating novel. It's not totally unrelated to today's world, as it seems at a first glance... And there are so many connections between the author's life and the character of the story! It makes it even more interesting.

  • None
    2019-05-09 12:56

    If only I could lounge around in my dressing gown all day! This pathetic tale of one man's lack of motivation is both compelling and tragic. It's also a testament to the power of love to move what was once immobile.

  • Jesiti1989
    2019-05-06 12:53

    I read OBLOMOV from a recommendation and what actually made me to buy it was because my friend considered it to be one of his favorite book of all time. I agree with him about that. It is an amazing book. Not only that, I developed an interest in the author's other works. Nevertheless, this is a wonderfully written book It is an absolute masterpiece, a classic accepted in Russia and the rest of the world.UNION MOUK,THE ARTAMONOV BUSINESS,AND QUIET FLOWS THE DON are other good Russian stories I enjoyed.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-07 17:50

    This novel from the l9th century seems at first totally unrelated to today's world. But there are many Oblomovs around--not gentlemen or rich landowners, but just people who have too much and too much done for them. Oblomov is regaled by the people who really knew him as a hero (however misguided) but I can't praise his existence. He contributed nothing nor cared for anyone.

  • Lavender Planet
    2019-04-25 16:42

    Our 11th grade teacher made us read this book for our Russian literature class. I absolutely loved it! It has a little bit of everything for everyone. What a marvelous, heart-rending novel!

  • None
    2019-05-22 20:30

    The story of a man with an unusual dream. At first he represents everything you despise, and then he is everything you wish that you could be. This is a truly beautiful novel, that offers an unique glimpse of the world, and a character you are destined to love.