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Nunca mezcles los negocios con el placer Nunca metas la poltica en el dormitorio En cierto modo, yo haba hecho ambas cosas al aceptar a Jackson Rutledge como amante No puedo decir que no estuviera advertida.Dos aos despus, Jax haba regresado Se haba entrometido en un trato que me haba costado mucho cerrar Pero desde su marcha yo haba aprendido una o dos cosas bajo la tutela de Lei Yeung, una de las empresarias ms sagaces de Nueva York Ya no era la chica ingenua que haba conocido Jax l, en cambio, segua siendo el mismo A diferencia de la ltima vez, yo saba exactamente a qu atenerme y saba lo adictivas que podan ser sus caricias.Jax estaba en su elemento en las altas esferas donde se mezclaban el glamour, el sexo y la riqueza Pero esta vez yo conoca las reglas del juego En el implacable mundo de los negocios imperaba una mxima por encima de todas mantn cerca a tus enemigos, y a tus examantes, an ms cerca....

Title : Aftershock. Arriésgate… (Cosmo Red-Hot Reads)
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Publisher : Harlequin, una divisi n de HarperCollins Ib rica 13 M rz 2014
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Aftershock. Arriésgate… (Cosmo Red-Hot Reads) Reviews

  • Missi44
    2019-05-05 13:45

    Ich hab mir das Buch gekauft, weil ich die Crossseries Bücher von ihr total mag. War ein wenig Enttäuscht bei diesem Buch, da ich es nich annähernd so gut/fesselnd fand und mich allgemein die Geschichte auch nicht so angesprochen hat. Trotzdem ein ganz gutes Buch für zwischendurch.

  • Tiffany (Read All the Romance / Read All the Crime)
    2019-05-20 20:49

    The characters in Afterburn/Aftershock by Sylvia Day are reminiscent of those in her Crossfire series: the hero is an alpha male millionaire and the heroine is a sassy, headstrong, and career-minded woman. Like the characters in that series, Gia and Jax have a tumultuous relationship that left me wondering just what keeps them together, other than hot sex. By the end of the story, I was still wondering why they’re so in love with each other.Gianna Rossi comes from a tight-knit Italian family that runs its own family business: their restaurant, Rossi’s. When Gia lands a job as the assistant to Lei Yeung, a mogul in the restaurant industry, it’s her dream come true. But Gia’s world is turned upside down when she crosses paths again with wealthy Jackson Rutledge, head of venture capital firm Rutledge Capital.Two years ago, Gia and Jax had a romance that ran hot and heavy—but was short-lived when Jax ghosted her. Now that work has brought Jax back into her life, Gia is determined not to blur the lines between business and pleasure. But the past has come back to haunt her when Jax makes it clear that he still wants Gia more than ever...and old habits die hard, because Gia still wants him too.Jax comes from a powerful political family, which ramps up the drama when he and Gia try to make a go of an actual relationship. For people who claim to be crazy about each other, I had trouble understanding why. Gia and Jax spend a lot of time fighting, only to follow up with make-up sex, which led me to believe maybe that’s why their relationship seems to thrive off conflict. Other than an amazing sexual connection, I didn't understand why Gia and Jax are so obsessed with each other—enough to make them pick up right where they’d left off two years prior.The resolution felt a bit rushed to me and included a plot point that struck me as extremely anti-feminist, which I had a huge issue with. In one sense, I can understand why it was used to show a certain character’s desperation, but at the same time, I wish another route had been taken.I did love other parts of the book, such as the readability of Day’s writing and the inclusion of a diverse set of supporting characters.Afterburn/Aftershock will especially appeal to those who enjoy the push/pull of drama-infused relationships. For me, it was just an okay read—one that left me scratching my head with regard to the essence of the romance itself.

  • Tonya Allen
    2019-05-03 13:00

    Afterburn 4 StarsThis is the first book of Sylvia Day's that I have read. I will admit, I wanted to watch the movie on Passionflix, but I absolutely have to read the books first. I'm glad that I am reading it.This is a novella, so it's not a long read at all. It's quick and short. The only issue I have with the majority of novellas, I feel like there is so much that is left out. I wish that we would have seen a glimpse of Gia and Jax before he disappeared on her.This does end leaving you hanging, but the next novella is out, so you can start reading it right awayAftershock 3 starsI liked the first novella, but this one fell a little flat to me. I thought there would be some character growth, but there wasn't much at all.Basically, Gia and Jax would fight, she would try to talk to him and say she wasn't going to have sex with him. But 5 seconds after seeing him, they were going at it like rabbits.There was more sex than storyline. Yes, we did get some answers. But I didn't really feel the connection behind the bedroom with these two.Don't get me wrong, I love a hot and steamy scene, but I want them to progress the story. These really didn't do that.It was still an okay read though.

  • Phoebe
    2019-04-27 17:06

    This is the first time I've read Sylvia Day's work and not enjoyed it. I couldn't connect with these characters at all. I don't understand how Gia could go from being a booty call for 6 weeks, 2 years ago and then spout off sentences to Jax like "I love you and I know you love me. " What!?! Anyway I got this on sale for $1.99 and seriously overpaid. I wouldn't have enjoyed this for free!

  • Georgia Girl
    2019-05-10 18:49

    I'm rating this book as a three star for Sylvia Day, the author. She has several books that are better reads. But this is a four star book for the genre. There is a lot of tripe out there to choose from.Having said that about the tripe, here are my thoughts about AFTERBURN and AFTERSHOCK that might be helpful:1. What is up with Sylvia Day and unlikable journalists named Deanna? LOL!2. The boxed set is a nice convenience. I do not like series/serials at all. Because I read too much to keep up with multiple-part books, I really, REALLY prefer to have all my story in one place.3. I liked the H and h, Jax and Gianna. I know some reviewers didn't care for them, but I liked them.4. There are some odd scenes (just a couple) in each book that do not move the story forward in any way. I couldn't figure it out. For example, in book two, a scene with some friend named Lynn. I'm obviously no expert, but these kinds of scenes stuck out like sore thumbs. Why?5. And speaking of that, some reviewers mentioned the characters and story were not as richly drawn as they would have liked. I agree. The space devoted to (in my opinion) unnecessary scenes could have been used to give us a much more detailed and rich story and characters. This author is usually so good at that.6. The sex is hot! Something else this author is good at.7. Lastly, and this is all on me only, I never really understood the business Gianna was in. Was the company in talent acquisition, public relations, restaurant management or promotion?

  • VickyGener85
    2019-04-23 12:43

    I had sworn off reading Ms.Day’s book after reading Bare to You because I fell in love with Gideon and Eva’s story, which was my introduction to Ms.Day and in my opinion and the reviews of others felt she done a horrible job executing the climax of their story. The similarities to Fifty Shades of Grey, but with a more twisted turn of events was frustrating to read, but I read the series. However, after watching Hollywood Dirt come to life and the success of it, I was inspired to read Afterburn & Aftershock and not regret it. I was captured by the love between Jackson and Gianna and their story. I just can’t wait for the impeding movie. Happy reading and see the movie through Passionflix