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From Axolotl to Zebrafish, discover a host of barely imagined beings real creatures that are often astonishing than anything dreamt in the pages of a medieval bestiary Ranging from the depths of the ocean to the most arid corners of the earth, Caspar Henderson captures the beauty and bizarreness of the many living forms we thought we knew and some we could never have contemplated, inviting us to better imagine the precarious world we inhabit A witty, vivid blend of pioneering natural history and spiritual primer, infectiously celebratory about life s sheer ingenuity and variety, The Book of Barely Imagined Beings is a mind expanding, wonder inducing read....

Title : The Book of Barely Imagined Beings: A 21st-Century Bestiary
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ISBN : 1847082440
ISBN13 : 978-1847082442
Format Type : E-Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Granta Books 3 Oktober 2013
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The Book of Barely Imagined Beings: A 21st-Century Bestiary Reviews

  • Wunderbar
    2019-04-27 03:11

    Hab's leider verschenkt, kann daher zum Inhalt wenig sagen. Ist aber wunderschön aufbereitet und macht Spaß, darin rumzulesen. Hätte es unglaublich gern selbst behalten.

  • Robert M. Seater
    2019-05-12 21:11

    I like the idea of this book -- writing about the weird facts about real animals in the style of a medieval bestiary. But I found in practice that it was boring facts about relatively well known animals in a fairly modern style.

  • GRK_Astronomer
    2019-05-20 19:14

    I heard about this Bestiary book on a NPR show that interviewed Caspar Henderson and discussed the nature of Bestiaries historically as well as why Mr. henderson had chosen these few as the principle "characters" of his new book. What captured my attention and interest in the book was that under "C" was the Crown of Thorns Starfish, a unique sea creature found in mopst of the oceans of the world and that was purportedly being singled out for the devastation of the Great Barrier and other reefs around the world.In fact, in 1976, I was a part of a research project sponsored by NAUI, Scripps Institute of Oceanography at UC San Diego, and led by Dr. Martin Chan of Cabrillo College whose purpose was to plot the northern intrusion of the Crown of Thorns Starfish into the Sea of Cortez from San Felipe, Baja, Mex to La Paz, Baja, Mex. Along the way, we photographically documented and recorded the Crown of Thorns Starfish, it's populations along the southern route, marine conditions, and food sources that we found the starfish consuming. We found no evidence of the Crown of Thorns in the norther part of the research path where known corals flourish. we did see the starfish on the southern part of the research trek and most of them were feeding on octo-coral sea fans as opposed to true corals. At that time, it was thought that the Crown of Thorns only consumed true corals.It was a marvelous time spent diving 3 to 4 times daily over the course of the week, an eye opener to the first research diving expedition that I had ever been on, and a great source of underwater photography not only for he Crown of Thorns; but, other species that thrive in the Sea of Cortez and many different latitudes.Seeing the Crown of Thorns given the recognition in Caspar Henderson's "The Book of Barely Imagined Beings: A 21st Century Bestiary" was a very special treat given my experience. Don't be fooled into thinking; however, hat this is the only interesting creature in the book, because the whole book is wonderful, especially due to historical bestiary documents and our accounts of various inhabitants of this Earth besides ourselves. Just a wonderful hint at the variety and strangeness of life on Earth. Are there any shortcomings of the book? Of course, as it only is he beginning of a modern day book of bestiary and I hope that Mr. Henderson, ads additional books in the future!

  • David A. Penney
    2019-04-27 19:08

    This is a book about real beasts--from the earliest life on this planet that we know about to the beings around today. Many of the beings described are astonishing and little known (for example deep-sea ones) and many beings we think we know about are proven to be quite astonishing as well. Humans get a good long entry that is full of insights.It's all very entertaining; Henderson is a fine, idiosyncratic writer and the kind of scientist you'd love to have a long chat with--broadly curious and articulate. This is not a systematic work, though it's alphabetically arranged, but rather a collection of biological curiosities and digressions. I'm loving every page.

  • Adam Childs
    2019-04-22 23:11

    A modern take on 'natural philosophy' that uses the framework of specimens from the animal kingdom (and not the standard mammals either) and from there, digresses into meditations on climate change, the origin and future of life, geology, astronomy, history... all written with wit and style.The hard cover was worth it for the illustrations alone.

  • fletch
    2019-05-23 02:59

    Gift for daughter, she was excited to get it.