Read Vintage Classic Coloring Pages: Adult Coloring Book (Relaxing coloring pages, Stress Relieving Designs, People, Animals, Flowers, Fairies and More) by Tatiana Bogema (Stolova) Online


Here are unique vintage pictures of painter Tatiana Bogema These pictures have been made within many years period Some pictures are made on demand and were granted by owners specially for this book Tatiana has been not intended to publish these pictures, but a lot of people are asking her about new book with pictures like that She spent several months to collect and process all these pictures And finally here is the book Enjoy these rare vintage pictures and color with pleasure Single sided black backed coloring pages 22 unique images Each image printed on one side with black colored back side It helps so much for markers, gel pens, and watercolor pencils So you can use different instruments for coloring without bleeding through Plus FREE BONUS images from other books of author Please, join our group on facebook you can found link inside the book or in author biography and share your colored images with the comunity Look for books on author s page on ....

Title : Vintage Classic Coloring Pages: Adult Coloring Book (Relaxing coloring pages, Stress Relieving Designs, People, Animals, Flowers, Fairies and More)
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ISBN : 1722401826
ISBN13 : 978-1722401825
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 5 Juli 2018
Number of Pages : 88 Seiten
File Size : 562 KB
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Vintage Classic Coloring Pages: Adult Coloring Book (Relaxing coloring pages, Stress Relieving Designs, People, Animals, Flowers, Fairies and More) Reviews

  • Amazon Kunde
    2019-04-30 00:04

    Die erste Hälfte des Buches enthält Bilder wie sie nach der Darstellung zu erwarten sind. In der 2ten Hälfte sind dann allerdings Bilder aus anderen Büchern der Autorin. Geht gar nicht! Diese Bilder hätte ich ja in den anderen Büchern gefunden. Dann lieber weniger Bilder und das Buch günstiger. Und wenn schon Werbung in eigener Sache, dann nur ein paar Seiten mit reduzierter Darstellung.So habe ich den Eindruck nur zur Hälfte das bekommen zu haben was ich wollte, und es macht mir wenig Mut weitere Bücher der Autorin zu bestellen.

  • iiiireader
    2019-05-21 20:01

     I own several coloring books by Tatiana Bogema Stolova. They are mostly line drawing books though a few have hints of grayscale shading within them.This is a very different book as the designs are have more shading by use of lines and cross hatch than any of the others do. While there is a lot of this shading, there are still many areas within the designs which are line drawings. The designs are detailed and some have intricate areas to color.For some, this type of shading might be too much. For others (like myself), who struggle with adding texture to fur on animals, having the extra lines makes coloring easier. It gives me a pattern to follow with my own color pencils strokes.The subjects of the designs are also very different as they are both more realistic and more fantasy at the same time. The artist states (in the product blurb) that these are different designs which she was asked (by fans) to release.I’m so glad that she did – it presents a whole new look at her art. I hope that she gives consideration to new coloring books which explore this type of artwork in more detail.This is what I found in this coloring book:22 Detailed fantasy designs with a heavier use of cross hatch and shading details in the book. There are many additional bonus designs included from other coloring books by this artist.Printed one side of the pagePaper is typical inexpensive quality by CreateSpace printing: white, thin, slightly rough and non-perforated. The back of these pages are most printed black to obscure bleed through from various wet mediums (see below.)The designs do not merge into the binding.Glue BindingCreate Space Paper/Media QualityAlcohol-based markers bleed through the page quickly.Water-based markers bleed through in spots.Gel pens and India ink pens leave shadows on back of the page. India ink can bleed through if you apply heavily or multiple coats.Coloring Pencils work fairly well with this publisher’s paper provided you don’t press extremely hard while coloring. I find that I can layers the same color for deeper pigment or multiple colors and blended easily with a pencil style blending stick. This is true of both oil and wax based pencils. I have also found that hard lead pencils leave dents through the paper.Even though the back of the page is black, bleed through does occur. I like to use a blotter when working in this type of book. I use a page of card stock or several sheets of heavyweight paper under my working page. It keeps seeping ink and marring dents from ruining the pages below.

  • beverly green
    2019-05-01 00:00

    Only half of this book is vintage coloring pages, the other half is sample coloring pages from other books.I bought this book thinking it was all vintage coloring pages, the ones that were was really nice looking + fun to color.Maybe you should have it in the description of the book that they only go half way through, then becomes sample pages.

  • Jacquline Ford
    2019-05-08 02:02

    I really like this coloring book. It's not really a gray scale but it has shading in places that allow the picture to have depth. I used a liquid blender and it worked well. Would love to see more books by this artist.

  • zumadays
    2019-05-15 17:52

    I really love this book! The art work is amazing and many are intricate the way that I like them. The last half of the book has pictures from previous ones and I like that too.

  • BlueRose
    2019-05-21 02:13

    Pictures are lovely. I would enjoy coloring them, but most have so many blackened, shaded in areas, that I'm really going to be limited in putting my own touches on them. Coloring for me is much more than staying within the lines. I want the freedom to create depth and highlights through color rather than having them defined by black spaces or black lines that I can't change.