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Within riding exists a fundamental conflict of interest The rider needs to have controlher confidence depends on her ability to control the balance of her own body as well as that of her very powerful horse The horse, by nature, needs to feel freefree in both mind and body to express himself through movement.In When Two Spines Align, author Beth Baumert, writer and editor at the equestrian magazine Dressage Today, resolves the freedom control enigma by taking a close look at the individual components that make up riding and dressage and providing practical ways riders can learn to harness the balance, energies, and forces at play Readers will discover how to use positive tension and their bodys power lines to become balanced and effective in the saddle They will then find ways to understand and manage the horse s balance and coordination challenges Ultimately, the rider learns to regulate and monitor the horse s rhythm, energy, flexion, alignment, bend, and line of travel by properly aligning her spine with his When the center of gravity of a balanced rider is over the center of gravity of a balanced horse, that place where two spines align becomes the hub for rider and horse harmony....

Title : When Two Spines Align: Dressage Dynamics: Attain Remarkable Riding Rapport with Your Horse
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When Two Spines Align: Dressage Dynamics: Attain Remarkable Riding Rapport with Your Horse Reviews

  • natarie
    2019-05-03 19:43

    I was super excited to receive and dive into this book, but I'm really not caring for all! It is all over the place referencing far into the book, The author assumes the reader knows all the lingo and you read a hundred pages at a time wondering when you will understand, if ever. I was bored within the first chapters and by page 70 I was ready to throw in the towel. I'm still plodding on but I wish I hadn't purchased it at all. NOW AFTER FINISHING THE BOOK...

  • Dawn V. Stone
    2019-05-11 00:06

    I have been riding for over 50 years and have purchased many books on jumping, eventing and dressage. I became addicted to the precision and beauty of dressage in the early 90's. This book is by far, one of the finest I have ever read. I could not put it down. Beth's methods brought me back to my lessons with my mentor, a Spanish Riding School Bereiter, who taught me so much about being a thinking rider on a thinking horse. I regularly communicate with him, and reading Beth's book mirrors many of the exercises he taught me using weight or a stirrup pressure to influence a particular leg or part of the horses's.body. I am in heaven!

  • robyn s merino
    2019-05-18 17:57

    I have spent the last month studying Beth Baumert's book on training one's horse, and one's self. Each night I read a chapter and the following day instrument what I have learned.

  • K. F. Boehme
    2019-05-04 00:01

    This book is so easy to understand. My horse & I really enjoy the exercises. "When Two Spines Align" has taken my riding to a much higher level. A year ago, my horse was diagnosed with A back problem. His vets, trainer & physical therapist have done a great job, & he's back to work. This book has helped me to find ways to improve his muscle balance & development. We are having fun again. If he could, my horse would thank Beth Baumert.

  • Stephanie Skjoldebrand
    2019-05-02 21:00

    This book has everything that is important and interesting for the dressage student,. This is many books all in one - it is the culmination or an anthology of so many concepts, ideas and theories gathered by Beth over many years having interviewed 'anyone who is anyone' in the dressage world, all in one amazing package. It also draws on her life time of hands on experience as a trainer and rider. This book is not only 'how' but 'why' and 'what if you don't' and 'what not to do' to how it 'feels'. It is full of exercises and problem solving solutions all easy to follow and clearly laid out. Also many wonderful photographs and illustrations you will recognize the artist from 'Solutions' in Dressage Today, the gifted Sandy Robinowitz.

  • LaurenNicole83
    2019-05-04 23:44

    Love this book. It is able to put things in perspective from the riders point of view and into how it relays to the horse. How our body language and body position effect the horse and the horses movements. There are also step by step exercises given as well in each chapter. The chapters build up more and get more advanced the further along you go. Definitely a must have for any dressage rider and also for anyone who wants to improve their riding in general.

  • Chris
    2019-05-24 01:06

    Highly recommended book. I have bought many books on Horseback Riding and Dressage. This book is by far the best! It is in language that is easy to understand and picture in your mind. It explains how to hold your reins, elbows, head, legs, etc, and, most importantly, how to balance on your horse. It also explains the concept of half-halt. It is actually better than my trainer in explaining many things! Possibly because my trainer is so advanced it is hard for her to explain the basics. So before I take another lesson I am reading this book & practicing with my horse. When I feel ready for my next Dressage lesson I will know exactly what I want my trainer to help me with.