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After running across France and Germany, Russell Secker takes on the toughest physical and mental challenge of his life running across the whole of Europe in the 2009 edition of the Trans Europe Footrace The race format is simple yet implausibly difficult an average of 45 miles a day on foot for 64 consecutive days.Starting from Bari in the south of Italy, 67 ultrarunners from around the world set off to test themselves on a grueling 2 month journey of self discovery The race passes through Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden and Finland before reaching the northernmost land in Europe North Cape, Norway 400 miles inside the Arctic Circle.Running Across Countries gives first hand insight into the daunting challenge of becoming a transcontinental runner, one of the toughest and most unforgiving tests of the human body and spirit....

Title : Running Across Countries
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Running Across Countries Reviews

  • WeiDe
    2019-05-21 22:42

    I am reading this book just prior to my first Ultramarathon, and it gives me a new perspective about long distance running. Well written and the reader gets a feeling of what it is like to run every day for more than 8 weeks straight across all of Europe

  • chuck fritz
    2019-04-24 16:34

    I read this book cover to cover and then regifted it to one of my many endurance athete friends because I knew they'd enjoy it as much as I did. Russell descibes running long miles each day for many days in a row to accomplish unusual goals. People who are already ultra didstance atheletes will completely understand this, and you'll likely enjoy this book for what it is. If you haven't run longer than marathon distance but are interested in the 'any man' approach to doing it then I also reccomend this to you.This is not a book by a Scott Jurek, Rich Roll or Chrissie Wellington who all do a great job of describing their trip to the top echelon of endurance athletes. It's also not a book by Christopher McDougall who tells a great tale as an observer. This is a well-written book by a guy who has run across countries, and that is a very unique perspective.

  • Raymond R. Rowehl
    2019-05-09 14:47

    What an idea. To go off and run like this. Maybe some day I will join in.

  • Jack W. London
    2019-05-10 15:31

    Russell Secker's new book, Running Across Countries, is a personal account of his scaling the Everest of long-distance running -- footraces across countries and even continents. Mr Secker has completed the Trans-Gaul, across France, the Trans-Germany, across, well, you get it, and now the Trans-Europa, from the heel of Italy to the Arctic Circle. His well-written book is a superb account of the demons of feet, food, and fast that he met on his races and an encouraging advisory for runners who find that one more level beyond the marathon beckons. I enjoyed the clear and crisp narratives and the gentle transition from personal account to inspirational guidebook.Jack Woodville London

  • C.R.A.
    2019-04-28 17:52

    I really enjoyed Running Across Countries. Not only is it a very interesting story, but it is well written and entertaining. Runners will appreciate the information on fatigue, injuries, etc. and how Mr. Secker dealt with them along the way. Well worth a read.

  • Justin Mittelstadt
    2019-05-17 15:46

    I am actually training for the 2010 Trans Germany race and to come across this book was perfect! I've read Dr. David Horton's book of running the Appalachain Trail and of his Trans American footrace and this was just as good!