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Originally published in 1995, Madeleine Blais In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle is a modern sports writing classic Expanded and updated with a new epilogue, Blais book tells the story of a season in the life of the Amherst Lady Hurricanes a girls high school basketball team from the Western Massachusetts college town The Hurricanes were a talented team with a near perfect record, but for five straight years, when it came to the crunch of the playoffs, they somehow lacked the desire to go all the way Now, led by senior guards Jen Pariseau, a three point specialist, and Jamila Wideman, an All American phenom, this was the year to prove themselves It was a season to test their passion for the sport and their loyalty to each other, and a chance to discover who they really were.As an off season of summer jobs and basketball camps turns to fall, as students arrive and the games begin, Blais charts the ups and downs of the team and paints a portrait of the wider Amherst community, which comes to revel in the athletic exploits of their girls Finally, a womens team was getting the attention they deserve And the Hurricanes were richly deserving these teenage girls are fierce and funny, smart and ambitious, and they are the heart of this gripping book....

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In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle Reviews

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    2019-03-10 12:05

    I decided to read this book because my favorite player in the WNBA is JAMILA WIDEMAN, and she is the main character in this outstanding bood. I was shocked to know that there was actually someone, Jamila, who could inspire me so much to the point where I don't care about anything but basketball. My favorite sentence/ quote in this book is: "I'm bustin' I can kick yours!" This is what I believe describes my feelings towards basketball now that I've had the experience of reading this facinating book. Now I know for a fact that Jamila Wideman is my altime favorite idol because everytime I read something about her in the book I would either get goose-bumps all over or feel happy inside. I believe that Jamila is a very smart and talented person who helped lead her high school team, the Amherst Hurricanes, to a victory that was so fanominal that I almost cried when I read it, and I don't even know them! This book doesn't just focus on the girls basketball team, but it also shared a little bit about their personal life. The Hurricanes were/are an awesome team and never gave up hope, even if they were down by 15 points! The spirit and motivation they had was unbelievable and one could only wish for a team like that! Overall, this book isn't just about the Amherst girls basketball team, but it also showed how girls have just as much motivaion and heart, if not more, than boys. No matter how big the opponents croud was, they seemed to ignore them and perform even bigger and louder! I recommend this book to anyone and everyone! Thank you for your time! Jamila's biggest fan, Leah Arnold

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    2019-02-28 10:11

    IN THESE GIRLS, HOPE IS A MUSCLE, is the story of the Amherst High School Hurricanes championship season. The author, Madelaine Blais, gives detailed descriptions of the girls, their feelings, their drive and their desire, frequently using quotes from the girls themselves, their parents, the coaches, and people in the town of Amherst, Mass. These quotes along with letters and journal entries she includes, allows the reader to identify with the girls. The reader drives with Patri to the practices in her mother's beat up, old car which may or may not start; we sympathize with Jen when she talks about which of her divorced parents to wave to or hug first; we feel the desire when Jamalia describes the meaning behind Hoop Phi. In addition, Blais does an excellent job describing the town of Amherst and its somewhat eccentrically liberal population. She compares and contrasts Amherst with its neighboring towns and the rivalries with their teams. Blais uses all of these adolesent emotions and small town rivalries to build to the climax of the big game. What we have therefore, is an excellent book for anyone, male or female, interested in sports played at its purest. The book is especially recommended for girls or women who play sports, wish they did, or wish they had had the opportunity.

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    2019-03-20 09:07

    Every time I pick up this book I find another inspirational tidbit of wisdom to add to my quotebook, the idea of which is itself borrowed from the actions of Jen Pariseau, co-captain of the Hurricanes and role model to anyone attempting to thrive as a strong, intelligent, athletic woman. Jen is far from the book's only hero--the team as a whole stands as an affirmation to the benefits and the necessity of women's athletics. Anyone who is young, female, and devoted to a sport--any sport--will find in this book a resounding echo of the lessons they have learned through athletics, as well as an inspiration to challenge themselves and improve at whatever they do. Those who fall outside such a demographic will gain insight into a crucial world in which teenage girls are shaped into future leaders as they learn the values of hard work, cooperation, friendship, discipline, self-confidence, and devotion. This book is not simply about a team, a town, and a winning season--although even when read in such a limited focus, it is entertaining and intriguing. Rather, the Hurricanes serve as a microcosm for all that is wonderful about women's sports.

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    2019-03-08 12:51

    I'm fifteen and have played basketball for nine years. My father purchased this book for me in the seventh grade. At the time, I had no idea who Jamila Wideman was. Then one day I went to go see a local high school team play. There was this awesome point guard on the team who wore # 10. No, it wasn't Jamila. I remembered what she looked like and when I got home I happened to see the very end of a college game. I couldn't believe my eyes it looked just like that player from the game I went to go see and she even had the same number! I then noticed the same college player on a Sports Illustrated magazine(which I still have). To this very day I'm still a big fan of Jamila Wideman and strongly recommend this book. I couldn't put it down. I've read it at least three times. I loved how Maeleine Blais talked about the girls' lives and didn't single it on any one player. It was a fascinating book that showed how failure can lead to triumph if you never give up. If you love the thrill and excitement of women's sports, you'll really enjoy this book. I would also like to wish the best of luck to Jamila and the rest of the L.A. Sparks!