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Discover the keys to coaching greatness Regardless if you re just starting out as a young coach or you have a wealth of years in experience, this is one book you certainly can t afford not to read McCaw s new book, 7 Keys To Being A Great Coach Beyond the Xs Os of Athletic Coaching , provides every coach and leader with the 7 keys to success in the sports and performance coaching game World renowned Sports Performance Coach Keynote speaker, Allistair McCaw condenses the wisdom he s gained through than 22 years of experience having worked with numerous Olympians, Grand Slam winners and World Champion athletes 7 Keys to Being a Great Coach includes an array of fascinating stories and examples from his own personal journey in competitive sports and coaching, what he s learned from working with some of the world s best athletes and coaches in the business, as well as insights into his methods of coaching In his book, McCaw reveals the 7 vital keys he feels are the most important to being a great coach and leader McCaw won t only motivate and inspire you to review and upgrade your coaching methods, but your lifestyle habits too A highly recommended read for all coaches out there who aspire to be great TESTIMONIALS A great coach is not only someone who is knowledgeable and inspirational, but someone who can adapt to the individual and understand them Allistair is one such coach Jack Green Olympic British Team 400m hurdler European u 23 Champion I am happy to say that Allistair was a part of my career and had a great way of always making me believe in myself Dinara Safina Former World 1 ranked Tennis player I try to emulate Allistair s professionalism and standards everyday He is a world class performance coach and sports mentor Delaney Collins 3x IIHF World Champion in Women s Hockey current Coach of Canadian National team programs This book is a must for any coach who wants to improve David Palmer Former 2 x Squash World Champion and World 1 ranked player Allistair is a one of a kind coach He puts the person before the athlete He leads by example and his proven methods of coaching definitely works Patrick McEnroe ESPN Sports commentator former USA Davis Cup Coach...

Title : 7 Keys To Being A Great Coach: Become Your Best and They Will Too
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7 Keys To Being A Great Coach: Become Your Best and They Will Too Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-18 22:19

    On reading this book you can see why Alistair McCaw is a successful coach. He has the wonderful ability to keep the potentially complex art of coaching very simple and communicate his methods with clarity. As the cover indicates, this book is not about the X's & O's of coaching. It's about the nuts & bolts - the philosophy, standards and beliefs - that are behind any successful coach. The book is not sport-specific and is therefore adaptable to a wide range of coaching situations. Alistair's writing reflects one of his 7 coaching keys - the importance of the fundamentals. Hence, this is an easy, non-complicated read, but one that is filled with gem after gem of coaching wisdom, all communicated with energy and passion. I often found myself nodding in agreement with McCaw and quoting from the book to others. Allistair has a clear vision of the coach he is and the coach he wants to be. He enthusiastically encourages others to do the same. He outlines his standards, beliefs and methods but does not preach them. Rather, the reader is encouraged to discover and articulate their own. This book will make you more aware of who you are as a coach. It will help form a clearer picture of the coach that you want to be and inspire in you some actions that will hopefully get you there. As a coach, whether you are experienced, a beginner or somewhere in-between, this book will provide you with inspiration, clarity and direction. I highly recommend this book to all sports coaches.

  • Guyer45
    2019-04-25 21:02

    7 Keys is a must read for coaches young or old and everywhere in between! Not only will it provide coaches with "keys" to unlocking their own performance as leaders and mentors in the world of performance, it will also provide them with the tools needed to develop athletes on every level. This book is part of our required reading for my staff at the performance facility I own in VT and I highly recommend that other business owners in this industry do the same. We cannot lose sight of what is most important in the development of athletes both in sport and in life and the 7 Keys helps right the ship on this front. The 7 Keys is the coaches bible when it comes to the development of athletes, thank you Allistair!

  • gerryconvyracestrong
    2019-04-26 19:15

    I highly recommend this excellent book by a truly professional performance coach. Whether you are a coach at the beginning of the journey in sport or (like me) an experienced professional coach of many years, this is a thorough resource for us all. Anyone aspiring to be a great coach, should be an eternal student. With 25 years experience in the field I am always learning and I am humble enough to say that I learned a great deal from this book. It also consolidates what experienced coaches may consciously/subconsciously already think or do. This is also a clever skill from the author because engaging 'beginners' is one thing but to engage the experienced is another. Rarely, do I find a book from a coach with the foresight to look outside the box and tackle the less obvious but absolutely necessary traits and habits that a top coach should have in their armoury. A great motivational read from a man who also 'walks the walk' in his professional life!

  • Bruce R Gullikson
    2019-05-18 18:07

    Allistair McCaw has shared a lifetime worth of information on coaching and personal development. His work ethic is truly amazing and inspires me to keep pushing my limits and bettering myself every day as Allistair does. This book is easy to read, informative and written by someone who has the xfactor in human performance coaching the desire to truly help others. I highly recommend this book, whether a coach , player , parent, or just someone looking for a good read it is outstanding and you will not be disappointed. Seven stars to seven keys for being a great coach.

  • Ludwig Ruf
    2019-05-03 18:23

    Allistairs book really inspired me, my way of thinking and pushed me further in trying to get better at what I do each day. His book is informative and easy to read. It offers the reader many great examples and stories of his life, work experience and from those of other professionals in the industry, let it be standards, habits, work ethic or traits of great coaches. What I really like about his book is the multitude of messages on a variety of topics he gives the reader.

  • Evan
    2019-05-15 15:01

    This book is a must-read for any coach or trainer, no matter how long you've been in the industry. Coach McCaw breaks down the 7 Keys into easily digestible sections and provides great insight about his own experiences. The text really makes you think about your own coaching methods, style, and philosophy in order to be the best possible resource and role model for your clients. I have already been able to apply so much of this information to my own personal development and highly recommend this book!

  • Michael Sigsbury
    2019-05-19 21:23

    Read this with a book group and the coaching level of all of us has grown so much since we did! Learn the keys and work on the ones you need to most! Best of luck!

  • milena araujo
    2019-05-12 17:17

    This is a must read for all sports coaches. I have seen Allistair present in person several times and his work ethic, attention to detail and understanding of what makes a great coach is reflected in this book. Allistair has hit the nail on the head and explains clearly and thoroughly his philosophies which he has developed over many years of research and practical experience. Quite simply, this is a must read for any sports coach.